Medical Laboratory Science is a dynamic Profession that is designed to provide a broad basis of fundamental scientific knowledge and its application such that the graduands are well equipped to meeting the changing needs of modern scientific knowledge in Health Care and to enable them to proceed for further training.


 The broad philosophy of training in Medical Laboratory Science includes: -

(a) To provide sound academic and Professional background for the production of Medical Laboratory Scientists who would be capable of working anywhere in Nigeria and beyond.

(b) To provide Medical Laboratory Scientists who would satisfy internationally recognizable standards and who could undertake further training towards specialization.

(c) To produce Medical Laboratory Scientists with sufficient managerial ability to play a leadership role in training and the practice of Laboratory Science.


 The trained Medical Laboratory Scientist is expected to: -

(a) Perform effectively in clinical diagnostic services, research, and academics and in quality assurance.

(b) Function independently or in collaboration with other members of the health teams in the care of individuals and groups at all levels of health care.

(c) Produce biological and diagnostic reagents as well as fabricate   and maintain laboratory equipment.

(d) Possesses sufficient managerial ability to be able to play a leadership role in the training and practice of laboratory sciences.

Admission Requirements

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Academic Staffs of Medical Laboratory Science

Dr. Ndubuisi A. A

Rank:Lecturer I

Department:Medical Lab Sc

Smart Enoch A.

Rank:Lecturer I

Department:Medical Lab Sc

Dr. Confidence K. W.

Rank:Associate Prof

Department:Medical Lab Sc