The establishment of universities always has a positive impact on the host communities. All over the world, communities have always been positively impacted by the universities they host. In the US and UK respectively, institutions like the Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology also known as MIT, Harvard University, University of Yale,  Oxford University, Cambridge University, Princeton University, University of Aberdeen and lots more, have changed the economies of their host communities.

If the MIT were to be a country, it will be the 11th largest economy in the world, with over 3.3 million jobs created, twenty-five thousand, six hundred companies started by its alumni, which has generated two trillion dollars in revenue. The Oxford University, the colleges and Oxford University press on the other hand, is said to be the largest employer in Oxfordshire, thereby supporting about sixteen thousand, and five hundred jobs, and generating more than 750 million pounds as revenue for the region.

These are world class universities making world class impact on their host communities, state, country and the world at large.

On our very own soil, The Rivers State University of Science and Technology under the present administration, has taken up the challenge to enhance quality education delivery as it seeks for better ways to provide world class services to impact its host community, the state, region, country and the African continent at large. To this end, the status of the school, recently took the twelfth (12th) position in the national ranking of Nigerian universities, thereby making it one the most sought-after schools in the country. 

In a bid to carry out their social responsibility to their host community, the university embarked on projects and activities such as the renovation of the community town hall to a befitting community centre and carried the community along with the provision of an ICT centre, in its quest to use ICT to leap frog in the committee of universities. Employment opportunities and scholarships awards are also the new incentives that have been given to the indigenes of the host community to feel the positive impact of the university’s existence.

Beyond all these, it is the quest of making Nkpolu an economic nerve that is most interesting. With the launch of various electronic platforms, more economic activities are emerging around the university more than any other in the state or region. Thus, the many products and services being championed by the university is creating employment opportunities for the host community and increasing the overall economic activities; making it one of the richest host communities of universities in the country.