The Students Records Access Management Platform (STRAMP) is an innovative platform set up by the management of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology to ensure that students, parents, and concerned, significant others can gain access to various academic data and records they may need at anytime, from anywhere in the world, given the right privileges.

Being the first of its kind in Nigeria, it has emerged as a result of the current process re-engineering undertaken by the management of the school. This is in a bid to obviate the series of challenges that students and alumni of the school experience at any attempt to request for the retrieval of academic records for statement of result, degree certificates or transcripts which they need for job placement, postgraduate study or scholarship award purposes. Some have been said to miss good opportunities due to the strenuous retrieval processes which begin with frequent journeys to the school, where the individual is asked to write an application letter – this may take several weeks for approval from registry. Payment for the required document can then be made in banks. After the making payments, the individual will be asked to go to exams and records, where his/her records will have to be searched for and retrieved from a filing room. The individual’s results will be typed out and sent to the registrar or the representative to sign. The completion of this whole process usually takes nothing less than two months in a typical university that has not embraced information technology in their management system. The students or alumni in need of the said documents, especially those who are not resident within the city where the university is located, end up spending so much time and cash not less than fifty thousand (50,000.00) naira; not in the school coffers but on transportation, accommodation, tips to facilitate the university staff efforts, typing and photocopying letters and requirements, making payments for required documents, bank charges, etc.   

 Apart from missing good opportunities due to loss of time and spending so much money, lives have also been lost, and injuries sustained in accidents encountered on journeys made to the school from different locations in a bid to have access to academic records and documents. In the same light, stakeholders like parents, benefactors, organisations and other schools’ academic boards have suffered from this inefficient management of data and records as they have lost time in decision making that surrounds the students’ and alumni’s academic performance/achievement for recruitment, sponsorship, admission, etc.

Consequently, one is left to wonder why over ninety-five percent (95%) of our tertiary institutions of learning cannot achieve the feat of meeting the desire and goal of all stakeholders that need to certify that their graduands are indeed worthy in character and learning, immediately after they have completed their tertiary education. Without mincing words, this is the whole essence of having a registry and other key units, departments, faculties and staff within the school system. The personnel and various infrastructures in place are basically there to facilitate the award of various degrees by the universities. It therefore makes little or no meaning when the universities in our country have all the edifices but lack effective working structures to efficiently manage students’ records for easy access or retrieval by the university, its students or alumni, and concerned external bodies or organisations.


This inefficiency has been counter-productive and put the country in a bad light. It has fostered corruption and other vices such as forgery, and impersonation to which we have fallen victims. The fetter chaotic scenarios in our ivory towers has left us with quack/fake doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, etc who parade themselves as professionals because our universities, training centres, and a whole lot of professional bodies lack a management information system like STRAMP.

Therefore, STRAMP is unquestionably, the answer to the proper management of data and records for easy access and retrieval purposes in any well meaning establishment. Everyone needs STRAMP.

  • Schools – to enable all stakeholders access students’ and alumni’s academic information for decision making.
  • Students and alumni – to enable their benefactors, employers (present and future), academic boards of schools to which admission is being sought, etc make informed decisions as the case may be, by verifying their academic performance/achievements.
  • Government at all levels – for effective manpower planning.
  • Companies and cooperate organisations – for proper evaluation and decision making as regards recruitment especially.
  • The common man on the street – to enable him wade off quacks that cannot thrive with such a transparent platform in existence.

The Rivers State University of Science and Technology is truly a trail blazer in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to correct the anomalies caused by the prevailing chaotic data management system plaguing a good number of our tertiary institutions. Since the advent of STRAMP in RSUST, many universities have indicated their interest and desire to attain the STRAMP compliant status through students and graduates can make payments, access and retrieve their academic records online from anywhere in the world, without being burdened with travelling all the way to the university campus. Concerned stakeholders who need to make informed decision based on a graduate’s academic performance can verify such information from the comfort of their offices without waiting endlessly to receive responses to their letters requesting for such academic information, from our ever busy school principal officers.

Being STRAMP compliant is the way to go in the 21st century, and congratulations to RSUST for leading the way. While we encourage others to follow our footsteps, it behoves us to improve on the current management of our students academic records for a more effective method to enhance human capital development. STRAMP is the way forward for all our universities, if we must play our part in the human capital development process in the country. We all need STRAMP!!!