The focus of the present administration is to enthrone excellence and creativity by raising academic, administrative and infrastructural standards in line with international best practices. Poised with a determination to make a difference, attitudinal dispositions have been mainstreamed and streamlined towards goal accomplishments while allowing for innovativeness and resourcefulness.


 About The Department Of Mass Communication

The Department runs a programme that leads to the award of B.Sc in Mass Communication. The undergraduate programme is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and then deepen the students’ grasp of the dynamics of communicating with a mass audience.  It also introduces them to the techniques and tools of research, develops in them the spirit of enquiry and generally prepares them to face challenges and solve problems in the field of mediated and interpersonal communication.

Philosophy of The Programme(s)of The Department

To respond to the growing needs of a dynamic industry by designing, developing and sustaining a scholarly framework aimed at enriching the intellectual, structural and ethical base of media practice within global parameters for excellence and creativity.


 The objectives of the programme dovetail within a framework that sets to:

  1. Provide formal and cognate education with a view to equipping students with requisite skills for practice in the various media of communication.
  2. Provide and engage in qualitative research in the field of Mass Communication with a view to enhancing effective production, management and dissemination of information for effective socio-economic and socio-political mobilization.
  3. Provide complementary consultancy geared towards capacity building with a view to positioning the Nigerian media industry within the framework of global dynamics.

Career Opportunities

Here we consider various facets of life:

  1. Self-employment, using appropriate entrepreneurial strategies and procedures
  2. Industry
  3. Research and Development
  4. Direct services to groups and individuals in the human society.
  5. Education - Teaching at various levels
  6. Any Others

A graduate of Mass communication is open to a wide spectrum of career opportunities going by the fact that students of Mass communication are expected to walk a cafeteria line of disciplines taking a tid bit from here and a morsel from there thus according versatility to the discipline.

The following opportunities abound for graduates of Mass Communication:

(A)   A graduate of Mass communication based on the endogenous nature of the Nigerian economy can establish a Newspaper, Magazine, Radio/TV station, Public                                    Relations/Advertising agencies.

(B)   The Mass Communicator in terms of Industry relevance can work as a reporter, editor, announcer, public relations officer, copy writer, media projects manager, etc.

(C)   The dynamics of Social Science research are the major forte in Mass Communication therefore opinion surveys on attitudes and disposition of cognate publics come within this             purview. Also, content analyses on media coverage of corporate bodies/government come handy too for graduates who work in the Research and Development units of                       corporate organizations.

(D)   Consultancies on media management, advert is advertising/public relations strategies and audience surveys make up the gamut of direct services to groups.

(E)   Teaching and Fellowships in Polytechnics and Universities

(F)   Freelancing

Admission Requirements

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Academic Staffs of Mass Communication Department

Dr. G.B. Okon

Rank:Head of Dept

Department:Mass Comm

Femi O. Shaka


Department:Mass Comm

Emeji M.J.

Rank:Associate Prof

Department:Mass Comm

Fredrick A. Amadi

Rank: Senior Lecturer

Department:Mass Comm

Anthony A. Amakiri

Rank:Lecturer I

Department:Mass Comm

Richard N. Amadi

Rank:Lecturer I

Department:Mass Comm

Barigbon Nsereka

Rank:Lecturer I

Department: Mass Comm

Friday K. Olube

Rank:Lecturer II

Department:Mass Comm

Harry Itieke

Rank:Asst Lecturer

Department:Mass Comm

John G. Ngochindo

Rank:Asst Lecturer

Department:Mass Comm

Lolo Berepiki

Rank:Snr Instructor

Department:Mass Comm

Sarah Amadi

Rank:Asst Lecturer

Department:Mass Comm

George Amifor

Rank:Prin. Conf. Sec.

Department:Mass Comm

Beatrice Onyije

Rank:Ast. Chief Typist

Department:Mass Comm

Margret Ewute


Department:Mass Comm