Architecture as Art and Science involves creative insight in the design and development of the physical environment.  Architecture has immense functional values that nurture the growth of social, political and cultural heritage. Hence has become an increasingly important field of study with vast potentials for satisfying and improving human needs in developing the environment. Thus, The Bachelor of Technology Degree (B.Tech) Master of Science Degree programmes in Architecture are committed to the dynamic search for solutions conducive in the aesthetics context of culture using science and technology. 

The programme of Architecture started in 1984 within the then College of Science and Technology to award the Higher National Diploma (HND), therefore predating the emergence of Rivers University of Science And Technology, which started in 1980. The Department awards the Bachelor of Technology Degree (B.Tech) and Master of Technology (M.Tech) initially that has currently metamorphosed into the Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Architecture, respectively. 


 The philosophy of the Department of Architecture mandatorily emanates from the philosophy of the University: “Excellence and Creativity”, which naturally coincide with the final cause and course of Architecture. The philosophy calls for excellence in the creative exploration, exploitation and adaptation of cultural and traditional resources of communities, particularly in Rivers State, Nigeria and other global areas in solving environmental problems. Additionally, the Departmental philosophy applies creative insights and sound technical understanding of the Science and Technology that shape our environment.  

Consequently, the Philosophy of the Department helps to ground a sound foundation for students to grasp the design process. Coupled with an excellent and creative process in the maintenance and management of the built environment along with innovative and sustainable use of accessible building materials and technologies, the Department hopes to transform the environment to cope with global challenges and changes. These challenges of constant changes dictate that architectural education must be dynamic in its interaction with social, economic, psychological, physical and technological needs of the environment through flexibility in the development of course contents in the Department. 

Thus, the Philosophy of the Department encourages staff and students, in the dynamic design process, to use materials and means to achieve creative and excellent architectural designs.


 The range of exposure and scope of the program in architecture aims at producing competent and skilled professionals that are capable of facing a broad spectrum of challenges posed by different global environments for human dwelling and activities. The Department strives to accomplish these aims, particularly of the immediate and generally global communities, through a thorough understanding of environmental problems by making creative efforts towards evolving excellent solutions.

Admission Requirements

 Admission through JMBE (Year 1) 

(i) SC/GCE ‘O’ Level/SSSC  with credit passes in 5 appropriate subjects including English Language, Mathematics and Physics     obtained in not more than two (2) sittings. 

 Admission by Direct Entry 

 (i)HSC/GCE ‘A’ Level passes in two (2) subjects plus SC/GCE “O” Level/SSSC credit passes (Including English Language) and three (3) other subjects at not more than two (2) sittings. 


HSC/GCE ‘A’ Level passes in three (3) relevant subjects plus SC/GCE  in two (2) other subjects at not more than two (2) sittings

(iii)OND/ND, UD (Upper Credit RSUST) certificates in Architecture are the requirements, provided the student also satisfies the requirements for admission through JMBE. 

Faculty/Department Requirements 

JMBE Entry Requirements 

(i)SC/GCE ‘O’ Level/NECO/SSSC require credit passes in English, Physics and Mathematics. The remaining two (2) credits should be from any of the following subjects: geography, Fine Arts, Technical Drawing, Chemistry, and Economics. 

Direct Entry Requirements 

1.HSC/GCE ‘A’ level passes in two (2) subjects plus SC/GCE ‘O’ Level/NECO/SSSC credit passes (including English Language, Mathematics and Physical) and any (2) other subjects at not more than two (2) sittings. 

2.HSC/GCE ‘A’ Level passes in three (3) relevant subjects plus SC/GCE ‘O’ Level 

3.NECO/SSSC credit level passes (including English Language) and two (2) other subjects at not more than two (2) sittings.

4.ON/ND/HND or evaluated equivalent certificates recognized by the university provided the requirements for admission through JMBE are also satisfied.



Academic Staffs of Architecture Department

Dr. Warebi Gabriel B.

Rank:Head of Dept


Prof. Oruwari, M. O



Dr. Napoleon, Ono I.

Rank:Snr Lecturer


Arc. Taol, Beenwin F.

Rank: Snr Lecturer


Dr. Owajionyi L. F.

Rank:Lecturer I


Arc. Dr. Daminabo, F. F.

Rank:Asst Lecturer


Mr. Enwin, Anthony D.

Rank:Lecturer I

Department: Architecture

Arc. Uchenna, P. B.

Rank:Lecturer II

Department: Architecture

Mr. Willie- Pepple, T. D.

Rank:Lecturer II

Department: Architecture

Mrs. Osuku, Jana D.

Rank:Lecturer II

Department: Architecture

Arc. Lawson, T.

Rank:Lecturer II

Department: Architecture

Mrs. Ayotamuno, A.

Rank:Research Fellow 2

Department: Architecture