Forest resources and environmental management are increasingly in the hands of those who have broad foresight and a balance of judgment in applying technical and sociological knowledge to guide human and environmental pressures.

Programme Options Offered

The department offers the following options for B. Sc. Degree:

(1) Forest Resources and Environmental Management.

(2) Agroforestry and Environmental Management.

(3) Phytomedicine Resources Management.

(4) Forestry and Wildlife Management.

(5) Coastal/Wetland Forest Resources Management.

The implication here is that the students will be exposed to all the Forestry and Wildlife courses but may do his/her special project on the chosen optional area.


 The programme in forestry and environment is to produce high-level graduate manpower who will serve at National, State, Local Government levels and private sectors in the application of Science and Technology for meeting the needs of society for self-sufficiency in sustained forest resources management for maximum benefit and environmental management of the society.

Undergraduate Programmes 

The Philosophy

Society, the environment and natural resource management are increasingly in the hands of those who have broad foresight and a balance of judgment in applying sociological and technical knowledge to guide human and environmental pressures. Modern civilization with its compelling demands from industry, government and educational institutions, requires people who think objectively and constructively and who act creatively and responsibly. 

The purpose of the postgraduate programmes is to develop these persons. The Post-graduate period is a time of discovery and excitement a time of answers and new insights, a time of personal productivity and contribution to scholarships. It is during the post graduate training that the student sharpens the ability to think critically and analytically, to design experiments, work effectively with basic research tools as well as specialized equipment, and to undertake the discipline of purposeful study toward a specific goal.

The post graduate programme in forestry is to serve the State and the nation in meeting the needs of its citizens in regard to the environment through natural renewable resource management education, research and public service. Commitment to resolution of immediate environmental problem, the development of the knowledge necessary to predict occurrences in the future and the presentation of public policy alternatives that will protect the environment through forest resources management and accommodate the real needs of the society are fundamental challenges.


 The objectives of the programme are to:

1. Prepare students for professional careers in forest resources and environmental management and self employment

2. Produce trained graduate manpower for research, professional education and management of non-agricultural lands.

3. Produce skilled and seasoned foresters who should be able to study and interpret the impacts of forest resources    management practices on environmental quality.

4. Produce trained manpower to effectively mobilize and direct rural communities on sustainable forest resources and    environmental management.

5. Produce graduates who can effectively manage non-timber forest resources including medicinal plants, relevant to society    health goals and industrial development.

Career Opportunities

In addition to Government establishments such as the Federal, State and Local Government Forestry and Environment Departments. Universities and Research Institutes, employment opportunities exist in pulp and paper industries, oil exploration and production industries, international and local Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), Landscaping, Recreation and tourism Industries, National Parks. Environmental Impact Assessment Consultancy Services and Environment Offices in the private sectors of the economy. Above all a self employed career is highly poverty alleviating.

Duration of Programme

The duration of the programme is a minimum of five academic sessions (10 semesters) comprising classroom lectures, field practicals and supervised industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) in the Fourth Year of the 5-year programme. Extensions for additional two semesters is subject to approval by Senate. For Direct Entry candidates the duration is four (4) academic years.

Postgraduate Programmes 

The Objectives:      

The programmes are designed to prepare students for careers in forest resources and environmental management, professional education, research, management of non-agricultural lands, impact assessment of management practices on environmental quality and environmental impact management.


The Department of Forestry and Environment offers the following programmes:

1.Postgraduate Diploma(PGD) Forestry and Environment 

2.Master of Forestry and Environment (M.F) Forestry and Environment 

3.Master of Science (M.Sc.) Forestry and Environment 

4.Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Forestry and Environment

Fields of Specialization:

Silviculture (Forest Resources Management)

Forest Resources Economics 

Environmental Forest Policy and Administration 

Landscape Management 

Forest Pathology 

Forest Soil Science/Microbiology


Wildlife Management 

Forest Taxonomy

Environmental Forest Ecology 

Tree Improvement 

Wood Science 

Forest Biometrics 

Forest Extension and Rural Sociology/Social and Environmental forestry 

Phytomidicine Resources 

Career Opportunities:

In addition to Government establishments such as the Federal Forestry department, Universities and Research Institutes, Employment opportunities exist in pulp and paper Industries, match companies, oil industries, land-scaping programmes, recreation and Tourism Companies, Rural Development Agencies, Natural Resource Conservation Organisations and as Consultant to private and Public Sectors in Agro-Forestry and Environmental Protection.

The Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) 


The philosophy of the postgraduate diploma programme in Forestry and Environment is to provide postgraduate training in Forestry and Environment for Higher National Diploma graduates of Forestry and other non-forestry degree professionals wishing to convert to forestry. It is also provided for graduates of forestry who otherwise would not qualify for admission into Masters Degree Programmes in Forestry and Environment.


The postgraduate diploma programme is to:

a. Produce persons with advanced knowledge and skills in basic forestry and environmental sciences.

b. Expose non-forestry professionals to knowledge, skills and practice of modern forestry.

c. Provide training in specific aspects of forest resources production. 

Admission Requirements:

In addition to University minimum, requirements, the prospective candidate must possess at least a pass degree (Bachelors degree) in forestry or a lower credit HND or equivalent qualification in Botany, Biology, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Geology and other equivalent fields earned from any recognized University.


The full-time PGD shall run for a minimum duration of two (2) semesters and maximum of four (4) semesters

Master of Forestry and Environment(MF) Degree


This is a terminal Professional Masters Degree (for this University). It cannot be used for PhD admission in this university. It is master’s degree with course work and project.

The programme is designed to provide advanced professional training for upgrading knowledge and skills of Bachelors (Honours) degree holders employed in industry, public service or self-employment.


The objectives are to:

a. Provide advanced professional training for graduate employees of industry, the public service, or self-employment.

b. Provide advanced training in specific aspects of forestry.

Admission requirement

Candidates seeking admission for the professional master of forestry and environment (M.F.) Degree must have any of the following qualifications from recognized institutions:

a. Higher National Diploma (HND) with a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in forestry and related fields.

b. Bachelors Degree in forestry and related fields.


The full-time programme shall run for a minimum, duration of two (2) semesters and maximum of four (4) semesters.

The part-time programme shall run for a minimum duration of four (4) semesters and maximum of six (6) semesters.

Master of Science(MSc)


This is masters degree with course-work and Thesis. The philosophy of the Academic Masters Degree (M.Sc). in forestry and Environment is to develop high level manpower to pursue careers in academics and research.


The objectives are to:

a. Expose students to advanced courses in relevant areas of forestry

b. Equip students with research skills through the conduct of supervised research, seminar presentation and thesis preparation.


The fulltime programme shall run for a minimum duration of four (4) semesters and maximum of six (6) semesters. Part time programme shall run for a minimum duration of six (6) semesters and maximum of eight (8) semesters.  

 Admission Requirement: 

In addition to University requirements applicants for the Master of Science programme should have a sound knowledge obtained through undergraduate study in resource management and a deep personal commitment to forest resources and environmental management as a career goal. Graduates from such programmes as Forestry, Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Wildlife Management and related areas should qualify. In a number of cases students will have to make up for lack of required knowledge by taking corrective undergraduate courses.

Candidates must have obtained at least a second class (Lower) honours degree in Forestry or related fields from a recognized University. A Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry or related field with at least a B Grade average pass may be considered. All must satisfy the University Matriculation requirement.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


In pursing the Ph.D degree, the student is required to work on the frontiers of knowledge in a particular area of study and make a contribution to this knowledge. This is accomplished through original study including the search and evaluation of literature. The conception, planning, execution, and interpretation of high quality research, and presentation of the above in a well-organized and well-written dissertation. Subsequent publication of research findings in appropriate journal is expected.

The philosophy therefore is to develop high level manpower to pursue careers in academics and research. It is to provide the highest degree of specialization in a particular area in the context of expanding knowledge globally and solving real environmental problems.


a. To equip students with research skills through the conduct of supervised research, seminar presentations and thesis preparation.

b. To provide training for those whose future careers lie in teaching and research at the tertiary level and in research and development in the public and private sectors.

Admission Requirements

Admission to Ph.D programme is built upon a Masters degree and demands a substantial mastery of the material related to the dissertation topic. A candidate manifesting significant knowledge deficiency in forestry in relation to dissertation topic will be required to register and earn CGPA not less than B for two semesters of full course work before commencing dissertation research. A candidate seeking admission for Ph.D programme must have a master’s degree from a recognized University. He/She must present an academic transcript which shows a course work CGPA of B or 4 or better on a five point scale.


The Ph.D programme shall last for a minimum of four (4) semesters or two (2) years and maximum of six (6) semesters or three (3) years for full-time. Parttime may last six (6) semester minimum or ten(10) semesters maximum.

Admission Requirements

 U.M.E. Entry Requirement:

a)In addition to an accepted pass for U.M.E. candidates must have:

i)SSC with five credit passes in English Language, Biology or Agric. Science, Chemistry, Mathematics and any of Geography, Economics or Physics.

ii)WASC/GCE ‘O’ Level five credit passes in English Language, Chemistry, Biology or Agric. Science, Mathematics, Physics or Economics, and any other subject.

b)Direct Entry Requirements:

i)To be eligible for direct entry admission, candidates must have met matriculation requirements in the relevant subjects plus two (2) HSC/GCE ‘A’ Level passes in Chemistry and Biology.


ii)ND (Upper Credit) holders with credit passes in Biology or Agric. Science and Chemistry may be admitted into year two.

iii)NCE and HND holders with credit passes in Biology or Agric. Science may be admitted into second and third years.

c)Waivers and Special Considerations/Other Qualifications

i)Admission to Year 1: OND/ND/UD (Lower Credit) in related discipline. In addition to the above such candidates must also satisfy the U.M.E.

ii)Admission into year II: NCE in related discipline.

iii)Admission into year III:

(a)HND in related discipline.

(b)B.Sc degree in Science discipline. In addition to the above, such candidates must also satisfy the J.M.E. entry requirements.

(c)U.M.E. Subjects: English Language, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science and Mathematics.


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